Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Program or be Programmed

So goes the title of Douglas Rushkoff's book. Unless I missed a turn somewhere, the direction our world is going suggests programming will be a bigger part of our children's lives than it is our own. Jim Anning in his post Kids and Programming argues that we need change.

I left state schooling at the end last century but very little strikes me that things there have progressed as much as they should have. ICT wasn't a real subject them. Yes, the token room and single teacher but there was little more in it than creating basic files and organising folders. In fact the most advanced stuff was the 4 PCs in the graphics room which had Macromedia Fireworks on it.

In the same way that the British struggle with foreign languages it's all too easy to see programming languages following that path.

If we have to start somewhere then if Microsoft Office holds the programs of choice then at least the kids should be taught VBA which enhances it.

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