Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vince Cable Doesn't Help Himself

"Obviously one will have to be more guarded, but the problem is you need to give people an honest answer when they ask a question. Again it diminishes our role."

I don't understand the principle of telling a single constituent who asks the right question an honest answer but not the voting public at large. A coalition is expected to have its fractures. Putting on a brave face and brushing over them like they don't exist reeks of insincerity. We don't like it.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Mann - "Crime Down 400%"

On Daily Politics and Sky News I've heard Labour MP John Mann claim crime has gone down 400% in his constituency following changes in the way drug users are treated.

For the numerically curious like me, I'm wondering if the thieves are now putting back 3 times as much as they stole last time they visited their victims.

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Student Fees in Scottish Universities

By the sounds of it, what's going to happen is this:
Scottish students pay no fee
Northern Irish, Welsh and English students pay fees (rumoured to be up to £6000)
EU students pay no fee
Rest of the World students pay fees (non-capped, I believe)

What a bizarre situation. The EU ruling is that if you charge nothing at home you have to charge the same to EU students in other countries. Half-assed devolution works very well for Scotland here.

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