Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Facebook - Why the break?

I caught myself the other day logging into Facebook for the first time in weeks. Along with thousands if not millions of others, I'm fairly concerned about the company's attitude towards their users privacy of late.

Matthew Stibbe of BadLanguage summarises the point beautifully in his post Word bloat and privacy policies. Why does it take 5830 words for Facebook to say what Flickr says in 384? Unless of course, they are very, very different.

Ultimately Facebook is a fad. It's stronger than MySpace ever was, before it was forced to retreat into it's niche of up and coming indie music, but will someday be overtaken by a new upstart that doesn't face the same restrictions on will see portions of it's market share move to various other quarters.

Think that won't happen? Then I'll ask you this question: Do you Yahoo!?

What's a struggle right now is the alternative to Facebook. Twitter is great for thoughts and status updates. Flickr great on pictures. LinkedIn does business contacts but nothing really competes in the same place as Facebook at the moment.

The weeks may drift by and I'll either go back to daily use or forget to use it entirely again. I'll be looking out for alternatives none the less. I'm doubtful Facebook can pull it back.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Budget and the Wing Men

Stoney cold faces of Lib Dem seniors Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander flank the Chancellor George Osborne as he delivers his first budget. Nothing quite like unity, ay.

The good news for my team is that it gives us 6 months to plan for the 2.5% increase compared to the few weeks we got for the 2.5% decrease in 2008.

Next, some stability please.

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