Thursday, July 21, 2005

London terrorism

I felt a little off by not commenting on the original bombings a fortnight ago but my emotions were all over the shop at that time and I couldn't really form a coherent thought about it, nevermind write it down.

I am an irregular commuter to London, going maybe 3 or 4 times a month. Today, I was actually in the city, in Wardour Street at the time. News filtered through to me at about 15:00 as the course Iand some colleagues were attending was drawing to a close.

One thing that I figured out quickly was that being in the city didn't help the information come any more readily or accurately. With the tubes shutting down and cabs naturally harder to hail, we went walking near the 15:30 mark getting to Trafalgar Square before seeing any real signs of police and cordoning off. This was evidently not for any bombs but for the arrest relating to the rumour I heard of semi-automatic firearms being wielding in Downing Street a couple of hundred yards down the road. From what I've witnessed on the news this person was released.

The motive behind this attack is somewhat more debatable than those from July 7th. The police would have us believe the four bombs from today were intending to kill. I find it somewhat hard to believe that all of them failed in this objective.

From given news coverage it is supposed to be easy for Joe Bloggs to find a recipe on the net for a working explosive. The science is hardly exclusive any longer. There appears to be more cowardess in these attacks with the purpertraters legging it opposed to making sure their cargo goes off. Witnesses are said to have seen a rucksack being thrown into the carriage of one of the trains.

All this makes this appear to me to not be the work of suicide bombers. I always thought of the first attack as being a terror spreader with an economic agenda, killing being not the purpose but a necessity in causing the terror. This one reeks of the same, but with the point made in the fact that these attacks can kill from the first attack, the necessity of making these bombs murderous is lacking.

What strikes me as curious is the timing. No surprise it's on a Thursday, but at lunchtime? I can only imagine this was to make life easier on the criminals. They evidently had no intention of dying and so needed to be able to make a getaway.

Judging by the reaction today it doesn't look like that these attacks are going to make a lasting impression. Economically, well as I said, I was in the centre of London and I didn't know until 15:00. Two hours of either people leaving early or distracted in the workplace in the least productive hours of the day, is nothing like hitting the morning rush hour. Though time will tell on this issue.

What it does mean however, is that we cannot think of the bombings as a one-off which was something I was guilty of until today.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Coincidence, I'm sure...

I've reconfirmed today, what I've known since I first got online and discovered personality tests. I'm a INTJ, in the kinder circles that's refered to as a mastermind (there's 16 cutesy names all told).

Now the significance of this is that it puts me in the same group as two famous people, one real, one fictional:

Hannibal Lecter (don't look so worried)
Hannibal of Carthage

To most people, I'd imagine these would be the only two Hannibals you know of and you wouldn't have thought they'd have much of a connection bar the name. Well for me, there is a third Hannibal, my cat which I named 8 years ago...

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Haha, just when I thought Big Brother was loosing it with the big divide, they go and pull an episode like tonight's out. Wow, didn't leave a stone unturned.
Orgy in the pool revealing absolutely everything. How can Craig not come out now the whole world has seen him performing a Will & Grace style seen when Orlaith pounced on him. Red blooded males would act very differently...
Anthony can't sleep easy tonight with Craig being the way he is, even though he probably should considering the watersports earlier, lucky guy.

And a last thought to Maxwell, breaking down at the end. Good man, brownie points in the bag.