Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smoking Ban and the Nanny State

It will soon be over. A smoking ban in public places has been again by the UK cabinet and the bill is to go through parliament tomorrow and from 2007 we are going to start seeing a healthier nation. At least that is the theory.

First we have to get through the massive amounts of adversity that comes from such an action. The British Beer and Pubs Association are not happy. They wanted to see limits imposed instead. There's not enough taxpayers money in the world to regulate smoke limits in pubs. At least not effectively.

A complete ban is the only way. The great problem being is that when you are dealing with addictive substances sold happily over the counter to the masses is that any regulations that hinder freedom is bound to bring irrational retaliation.

Irrational arguments have already began. Exhibit A. "If we are not to force bystanders to inhale our smoke and the only place we can smoke is in sealed rooms then when are we going to incase our roads so pedestrians do not have to inhale the fumes?"
A valid point in another argument sure. But has absolutely no place in as a means to say this act of banning smoking is wrong.
Another argument is that saying that drinking and smoking in a pub go hand in hand. If drinking alcohol is just as bad as smoking how come it is still fine to drink in public places?
There is no suggestion that I have seen that smoking any amount is good for you. Some research suggests a single drink on the other hand, especially when served with a meal, has been shown to have beneficial effects.

If this is the first step to bring smoking out of society after hundreds of years then it is a positive one. It is not the act of a nanny state, but of a government listening to the people that are sick of shortening their lifespan by side-effect of someone elses deadly habits and forking out for dry cleaning bills after a night in a public house.

An amusing article on the origins of smoking in Britain can be found here.
News story from BBC.

Author's situation. I am not a habitual smoker. I will have a cigarette maybe twice a year socially and when opportunity allows I enjoy a Cuban Cigar. One of the best evenings I've had in a pub was smoking a fine Cuban Cigar. A luxury I will have to give up.

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Blogger ali said...

I'm glad about it. I have a friend who is very asthmatic, and she literally can't enter pubs - she starts wheezing too much.

October 26, 2005 12:36 PM  

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